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Can I increase heap memory through eclipse or command line (on a real phone plugged into eclipse being used for debugging only)?

If not, is there an app for rooted phones that allows me to do this?

EDIT: Im testing sensor data, so using an emulator is a pain

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Using a rooted phone, you should be able to modify the file /system/build.props. If you add (or create the file if it doesn't exist first) this line to the file you can set the heap-size:


Additionally, some Android-Mods like Cynogen allow you to modify the heapsize from a application-menu. See here for a tutorial.

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Excellent! thanks –  dreamincode Apr 2 '11 at 22:51
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silly me!
theres an app for that. VM Heap Tool (free on the market) does the job simply and beautfully.

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