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I've just tried using gdb on BackTrack Linux and I must say that its awesome. I wonder how gdb in backtrack is configured to act this way.

enter image description here

When I set a breakpoint, all the register values, a part of the stack, a part of the data section and the next 10-15 instructions to be executed are printed. The same happens when I step or next through the instructions.

I find this amazing and would love to have this on my Ubuntu machine too; how could I go about doing this?

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Better question is how you got color output in gdb –  Marko Kevac Apr 4 '11 at 15:03
By using escape codes. –  iblue Jun 22 '12 at 15:21

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They seem to be using this .gdbinit file:


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The link is broken –  xuhdev Jul 25 at 23:06

I'm guessing that this is done using a post command hook:


inside of a system wide gdbinit:


which may or may not reference shell commands and/or use gdb python scripts. try:

strace gdb /bin/echo 2>&1 | grep gdbinit
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