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I have a variable x (list)that looks like

['JACKIE:34', 'MATT:444', 'CEN:12', 'PETE:12', 'RANDY:92', 'MITCH:2', 'JAN:2']

which then i would like to convert to tuple (in pairs)so it would look like
[('JACKIE',34), ('MATT',444), ('CEN',12), ('PETE',12), ('RANDY',92), ('MITCH',2), ('JAN',2)]

Note that the number is an int.

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possible duplicate of Separate objects and put them into pairs – Johnsyweb Apr 3 '11 at 5:30
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Numbers as ints, as requested

before = ['JACKIE:34', 'MATT:444', 'CEN:12', 'PETE:12', 'RANDY:92', 'MITCH:2', 'JAN:2']
after = [(name, int(value)) for name, value in (x.split(':') for x in before)]
print after
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a = ['JACKIE:34', 'MATT:444', 'CEN:12', 'PETE:12', 'RANDY:92', 'MITCH:2', 'JAN:2']
b = [x.split(':') for x in a]
b = [(x[0], int(x[1])) for x in b]
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