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I want to store the output of iptables -vL command into a mysql database table. When I run iptables -vL it shows usage in bytes along with users MAC id's. I am planning to use awk to select two columns (usage "$2" and MAC id's "$6") from the output of the above command. And those two clomuns should go to the database. The usage column in the database should add up whenever the tables are updated.

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Have you tried writing to a file with the appropriate INSERT statements and then executing that SQL file? Would that do what you want? –  Yzmir Ramirez Apr 3 '11 at 3:00
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When parsing the iptables output with awk, format it out as Mysql INSERT statements, and then pipe the results into the mysql command line. Something like:

iptables -vL | awk {your awk commands here} | mysql --user=foo --password=bar yourdatabasename
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