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I want to post syntax highlighted code on my blog but I can't find any online service that would do that for me so I thought I could hook it up using pygments

Anyone knows how to hook it up from an emacs buffer ?

I need to invoke something like these examples but from command line.

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I would recommend the use of htmlize in this case. Pygments is nice, but if you have Emacs set up with color themes and have a mode that already knows how to syntax highlight your code, htmlize will leverage that and take give you HTML that looks just like your Emacs buffer.

If you have a light background in your blog, try color-theme-high-contrast or color-theme-blipp-blopp. If it is dark, try color-theme-taming-mr-arneson or color-theme-comidia. Those are my personal favorites.

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+1 nice catch -- F –  fabrizioM Apr 3 '11 at 6:16
+1 for htmlize.el. Especially when you integrate it with org-mode and the #+BEGIN_CODE blocks –  Noufal Ibrahim Apr 8 '11 at 14:06

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