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Are image maps supported in chrome and firefox? w3schools seems to suggest they are.

Given this, why would the following HTML fail? (Image is displayed but no links work - It does work correctly in IE)

<img src="Images/backgroundFinal.png" usemap="#mainImageMap" alt="MainBackground" style="border: none;" />
            <map id="mainImageMap">
                <area shape="rect" alt="Home Page" title="Home Page" coords="309,198,413,223" href="Default.aspx" target="" />
                <area shape="rect" alt="About me" title="About me" coords="245,334,319,353" href="About.aspx" target="" />
                <area shape="rect" alt="Gallery" title="Gallery" coords="437,271,497,300" href="Gallery.aspx" target="" />
                <area shape="rect" alt="Tattoo" title="Tattoo" coords="249,478,307,503" href="Tattoo.aspx" target="" />
                <area shape="rect" alt="Contacts" title="Contacts" coords="395,521,464,544" href="Contact.aspx" target="" />
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Image maps are definitely supported. What are the dimensions of the image? – Marcel Apr 3 '11 at 4:05
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Try changing <map id="mainImageMap"> to <map name="mainImageMap">. You can keep the id if required but just make sure a nameattribute` is there.

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