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I'm having trouble understanding the for/in statement in JavaScript.

The book which I'm using explains it as:

for(variable in object){

So take for example:

var links = {
    link1: {img: '/img/link1.jpg', w: 100 },
    link2: {img: '/img/link2.jpg', w: 140 }

How would I print out all the links?

If I use:

for(x in links){

It writes out the 2 property names (link1, link2), but I'm having trouble understanding how to access those properties nested a level deeper, my first thought was a nested for/in loop but I just don't understand the syntax. E.g. In the code above, does x refer to the property name? If so wouldn't x.img get the img property? Or is my thinking way off?

I would appreciate any references or links to examples, I just find the 2 code examples from the book don't help me understand as much as I'd like.

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x refers to the property name, but not the property value. So to access the property value, you'd need to do object[x].

So, for example:

for (key in links) {
    var linkProperties = links[key];

    document.write(key + ": \n");

    for (property in linkProperties) {
        var propertyValue = linkProperties[property];
        document.write("    " + property + " = " + propertyValue + "\n");

would give

    img = /img/link1.jpg
    w = 100
    img = /img/link2.jpg
    w = 140

Also worth mentioning: as discussed in the answers to this question, a hasOwnProperty guard clause is almost always desired when using for ... in.

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Thank you for the explanation. –  Daniel Apr 3 '11 at 3:43
for(x in links){
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This is unsafe, as it will return any property assigned to the Array prototype as well. –  Hugo Aug 14 '12 at 5:49

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