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Say I want to allow in a table column only strings that begin with a numeral and should not contain '$' in it. How would a check constraint on this table look like?

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For what version of Oracle? 10g+ supports regex... –  OMG Ponies Apr 3 '11 at 5:55

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Assuming Oracle 10g+, you can use Oracle's regex functionality in a CHECK constraint:

ADD CONSTRAINT col_regx CHECK REGEXP_LIKE(column_name,'^[[:digit:]]{1}[^$]*$')); 


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Sounds like you need to use Oracle's Regular Expressions. Useful link for syntax requirement for the corresponding IF constraint can be found below


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The regex would look like ^\d[^$]*$

I don't know Oracle so forgive me if this doesn't actually help you.

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I would do something like

ALTER TABLE YOUR_TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT col_regx CHECK (substr(column_name,1,1) between '0' and '9' and column_name not like '%$%')

(not tested but probably faster than a regex)

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