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I'm a PHP developer, but honestly my knowledge of server management is somewhat lacking. I fired off a script today that took a regrettably long time to run, and because it had an embedded call to ignore_user_abort(), pressing "stop" in the browser was obviously futile. There was a time limit of 15 minutes enforced in the FastCGI settings, but this was still incessantly long since I really had to just wait it out before I could continue with anything else. Is there some way to manage/kill whatever PHP scripts are being executed by FastCGI at any given moment? Thanks in advance.

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Does the php process appear in the taskmanager?
I wonder what happens if you kill it there. Will the IIS start another one to handle the next request?

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Sometimes it will, but often it won't. –  Robert Rouse Oct 9 '08 at 14:37

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