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I would like to bind two events together.

Right now my set up is I bind all mouse actions that I need to a canvas then call a wrapper function that makes mouse position relative to the canvas. The wrapper function then calls the correct action in an internal function. I would also like to bind the touchstart touchmove and touchend

Here is an example structure of what I have

$('canvas').bind('mousedown mousemove mouseup', ev_canvas);
function ev_canvas (e) {
    var pos = findPos(this);
    e._x = e.pageX - pos.x;
    e._y = e.pageY - pos.y;

    var func = tool[e.type];
    if (func) {

tools.pen = function () {
    tool.mousedown = function (e) {
        //Stuff to do

    tool.mousemove = function (e) {
        //Stuff to do

    tool.mouseup = function (e) {
        //Stuff to do

This calls the correct tool and then calls the mouse(up|down|move) function depending on the action.

Is there a way to bind the touch actions to those so it can call one or the other with out copy and pasting a bunch of code?

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I would create a mapping table - eventName : callbackName. Here is a sample

var functionMappings = { 
   mousemove: "mousemove",
   touchmove: "mousemove",
   mousedown: "mousedown",
   touchstart: "mousedown",
   mouseup: "mouseup",
   touchend: "mouseup"

var func = tool[functionMappings[e.type]];

if (func) {
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Elegant solution. – karim79 Apr 3 '11 at 7:01
I dig it thanks a lot! – austinbv Apr 3 '11 at 7:05

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