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I run the following command as a pre-Build event in Visual Studio 2005 and it works fine:

SubWCRev.exe "C:\work\subversion\aviOffline .Net\trunk" 
"c:\testout.txt"C:\work\subversion\aviOffline .Net\trunk"

So I change the command to use the in-built Visual Studio macros for better maintainability but it fails. It appears to fail on the $(SolutionDir) macro because it appends a trailing backslash and SubWCRev.exe seems to not like the trailing backslash?

"SubWCRev.exe" "$(SolutionDir)" "c:\test.tmpl" "c:\testout.txt"

Is there a dos command or another way that removes the trailing backslash?


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I would try putting a trailing dot:

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