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This is beginners question. I just started out with Java and Android developing for that matter. Having said that, here is my problem:

I am trying to access a number of bitmaps located in my drawables folder and put them in a file array.

I defined a string:

private String pathstring = "/res/drawable";

then I am defining a file variable to fill with the information from my string:

File folder;
folder = new File(pathstring, "/");

to actually get the array I read out the folder variable with listFiles:

images = folder.listFiles();

Now this doesn't seem to work. I am quite sure that my syntax when defining the pathstring variable is wrong. I have tried R.drawable and a lot of other combinations but no avail.

Edit: basically I need a way to access the files in my res/drawables just as I would access resources on my SD-Card and put their names in a file array variable.

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If you want an array of drawables, one way to do it is:

private static final int[] imageIds = new int[]{
private static final Drawable[] myImages = new Drawable[imageIds.length];
for (int i=0;i<imageIds.length;i++){
    myImages[i] = getResources().getDrawable(imageIds[i])

This would be the more usual way to access a resource, instead of a File array.

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The way you access resources in Android is not by hardcoding paths, Instead you should use the R class like this R.drawable.myimage

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hhafez, thanks for your answer. However I still do not understand how I would go on about filling a file array with the images in my R.drawable class. Any hint? –  Vincent Apr 3 '11 at 9:58

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