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Basically, I'm calling a page (login.php) which checks to make sure the user is verified and the password matches up through my javascript (init.js). If it is, I echo "all-good" within the PHP page, which is passed back to init.js where it checks to see if "all-good" was echoed.

Obviously this is pretty insecure, so I was thinking of doing something like $verify_string = md5(uniqid($username)); within login.php, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to pass that variable back to init.js.

Anyone have any suggestions? Here's what I'm doing now:


        type: "POST",
        url: "login.php",  // Send the login info to this page
        data: str,  
        success: function(msg){  

        $(".status").ajaxComplete(function(event, request, settings){  

         // show 'submit' button

        // hide ajax loading gif

            if(msg == "all-good") {  // login ok?
             var login_response = '<div id="logged-in">' +
                                    '<img src="img/load-bar.gif">' +
                                    '<br><span style="padding-top: 5px; font-size: .9em;">Logging in...</span>'

            // resize container after processing 

             $(this).html(login_response); // refers to 'status'

            // redirect after 2 seconds
            setTimeout('go_to_private_page()', 2000); 
             else {  // error?
             var login_response = msg;


        // checks the entered pw with the hashed pw in the db
    while($row = $stmt->fetch()) {  
        if (crypt($password, $row['hashed_pw']) == $row['hashed_pw']) {

            $_SESSION['username'] = $username;
            $_SESSION['user_id'] = $row['user_id'];
            $_SESSION['redirect'] = $redirect;
            setcookie('username', $username, time()+3600, '/', '', 0, 0);
            setcookie('user_id', $row['user_id'], time()+3600, '/', '', 0, 0);

            // this is what I want to send back:
            $verify_string = md5(uniqid($username));
            echo $verify_string;

                            // this is what is currently being sent back for verification
                            echo "all-good";

        } else {
            $errors[] = "Bad username/password combination. Try again.";
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You could use an array and then encode in json with the following php function :


$arr = Array(md5(uniqid("username")), "all-good");
echo json_encode($arr);
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Ok, so I set the array, but how can I access the value set in the javascript file? How would I be able to see if the first index in the array is set (on the javascript file)? – bob_cobb Apr 3 '11 at 20:33

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