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just like in google, when you search for something. the websites are displayed without clicking submit button.

how do you achieve that?

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  1. Learn javascript
  2. Learn ajax
  3. Learn how to use JQuery + some google to find out how to integrete Jquery in your programming language

How i learned it:

Resources on javascript :

  • Site : W3schools
  • Book : Head first javascript

Resources on Ajax :

  • Book : Head first ajax

Resources on Jquery :

Google google google ! and tons of reading on blogs. But the sites you will cross the most :

  1. http://jquery.com/
  2. For some magic : http://jqueryui.com/

also keep in mind that using javascript can be database-intensive so cache your results.

The answer on your question: http://flux88.com/blog/jquery-auto-complete-text-box-with-asp-net-mvc/

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You can access the value of an input at any time using javascript. I suggest you learn jquery if you want to make ajax applications.

// show the value of the html element with id 'nameInput'
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