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I am trying to get a GIF/PNG/JPG image out of a Sqlite database. Is there a way in Monotouch to convert the Blob field to an image?

I'm guessing:

Get data byte[] from SQLite into a memory stream:

MemoryStream blob = new MemoryStream(blobFromSQLite[]);

Load the data into a NSData object via the stream:


But how do I get a stream from a sqlite field?

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The simplest way to do it is this:

byte[] myBuffer = null;
using (SqliteCommand sqlCom = new SqliteCommand(sqlCon)) //assuming sqlCon is your SqliteConnection

    sqlCom.CommandText = "SELECT Images FROM MyTable WHERE Name = 'MyImage.png'";

    using (SqliteDataReader dbReader = sqlCom.ExecuteReader())

        if (dbReader.HasRows)

            while (dbReader.Read())

                myBuffer = (byte[])dbReader["Images"];




To get it as a UIImage, you don't have to use a stream at all:

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