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I have a lib I installed by hand (to /usr/local) on a Linux system (Eigen3, by the way). There is a FindEigen3.cmake bundled with the lib but that is not installed anywhere by default.

There is /usr/share/cmake-x.y/Modules where CMake looks for additional modules, but putting these files there doesn't seem the way to do things. Is there an equivalent place under /usr/local that is also scanned by default? Or what is the standard way of creating custom library modules?

(Although the question isn't strictly connected to programming, I think library authors may also encounter the same question from the other side: where to put these files when installing manually.)

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See the comments in the CMake documentation for the "find_package" command:


It speaks of writing a "project-config" file, and where to install it, such that find_package(Eigen3) will work without having a FindEigen3.cmake find module... It is verbose, but the information is in there.

See also user contributed wiki pages such as this one:


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although I didn't have the time (in the last two weeks :P) to check this in action, this was what I was looking for, thanks! –  Latanius Apr 18 '11 at 5:15

In our project we place FIndXXX.cmake modules in folder project root dir/cmake/modules. For this to work you have to specify in project root dir/CMakeLists.txt(similiar to what DLRdave has already said):


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You need to set the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to include the directory that the FindEigen3.cmake file is in before calling find_package. I believe that:


will do the trick, but I do not have a setup to test that available at the moment so you may have to massage that technique a bit.

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