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does anybody know a web framework that can convert/export to a static site? I need to make a small website but I would like to be able to use templates.

I could maybe use scrape techniques to extract the static website from my local development. That way I can just use Flask or maybe Django. If anybody can give me some tips regarding that that would be great too.

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For Flask I found the following module:


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Check out Hyde: http://ringce.com/hyde

It's kind of like Ruby's Jekyll but in Python. It uses Django's template engine and generates a static site. It has some other nice hooks too.

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I went for flask frozen myself cause that way I didn't have to learn anything new. Hyde looks great though. –  Pickels Apr 4 '11 at 11:37

You don't want a web framework for making the static site, you want a web site mirroring program. This will either crawl your site (if its big) or you just tell it the pages you want, and it gets them and sticks them on disk as .html files. It should also get your CSS and JavaScript and stash them too.

Problems arise if you have absolute paths to things in your templates, so that when your static pages are put somewhere else the links are broken.

For a small number of pages you can probably use command-line tools such as wget or curl.


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wget definitely gets the job done for small sites. –  Pickels Apr 4 '11 at 8:00

If you want to export an existing application to have a static version I would recommend using tools like HTTRack.

If you want a small framework like Flask but more optimized for static site generation you can take a look at PyGreen.

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