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We are a five friends team and want to build a portal in free time using ASP.NET or Java technology. We are not working this project for any company. Instead we all are going to develop this on our own interest at a new small office (own company).

But here are some points need clarifications before taking decision. We are just thinking about ROI.

  1. If we go with Microsoft stack, software purchasing will be higher while comparing with Java open source.

  2. We all are very much comfortable with ASP.NET. Learning a new technology always require sometime to master.

  3. If the portal is successful, we need to recruit more manpower for development of new features and server administration. Which technology will require more cost in this scenario? Manpower of developers in Microsoft technology is cheaper than in open source industry?

  4. There are no hosting charges for the Linux or Ubuntu operating systems as they are open source. But actual server rental cost will be there anyway.

  5. If we just give preference to Java just because of open source, will it be costlier in long run? like recruiting more developers, server administration and etc?

  6. Will manpower cost will be higher than software purchase?

The above points are worth to think at this time? or we are thinking too much at the startup time? If these are valid to think at this point of time, which technology is your preference?

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1 vote for java, more open source lib/framework/possibilities out there. –  James.Xu Apr 3 '11 at 13:21
Both platforms have tons of open source and low-to-no cost options. –  David Apr 3 '11 at 13:26
You should read up on the myspace fail trail (highscalability.com/blog/2011/3/25/…) that's been going around...you need a platform that your developers (and future developers) will know... –  davidsleeps Apr 3 '11 at 13:38

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In turns of ROI, I would say, the quickest way to reach the market and your market audience will be your highest choice right now. Since you are quite familiar with ASP.NET, you can easily create your portal faster than if you were to try the same in Java. Therefore, you RTM (Route To Market) is quicker using .NET than Java.

Hope this helps.

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Go with Microsoft stack stack. Reason is:

  1. You know the devil. Every platform has its pitfalls and you already know this one.
  2. Initially it makes sense to use "shared hosting"
  3. With shared hosting and 5 people sharing the cost, hosting is not an issue at all. That is till site is still small.

So, you would not be paying any $$$ for MS SQL server / Windows etc. All that would be part of shared hosting cost.

Once site grows and you need to buy your own kit, then license cost becomes an issue. These are two options:

  1. Factor in this cost in your business model OR
  2. Pay for Windows Servers but use MySQL / PG SQL for DB. That would limit license cost to $20 per month per machine. Since everything other than DB is part of OS itself.
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