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Need to grant access to users without any role using Spring Security. Anyone how process authentication must be granted to access any URL. So can I do that by something like this or may be somehow else?

<http auto-config='true'>
  <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="ALL" />
  <intercept-url pattern="/login.jsp" filters="none" />
  <form-login login-page="/login.jsp" />
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also check

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Actually you just need to create your own AccessDecisionManager, and your own AccessDecisionVoter(s) and pass them into the block like this:

<http .... access-decsion-manager="myAccessManager">

<bean id="myAccessManager" class="">
   <property name="decisionVoters">
         <bean id="myVoter" class=[some subclass of AccessDecisionVoter] />

This is not the 100% solution, but it should get you started on the right path. The "auto-config" setup in Spring Security creates a lot of these classes in the background, and automatically loads them if there are no other beans of the correct classes available.

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