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In WPF C#, in code behind, I have to dynamically create an Array of Canvas (each Canvas also Children controls like Label, TextBox, Button etc.)

Canvas[] cv = new Canvas[myInt]; 
Label[] l = new Label[myInt];
TextBox[] tb = new TextBox[myInt];

Each of the Canvas can be dynamically added or removed. The issue is I have to give the Canvas array a length, and if one of the Canvas is removed the index will still remain and the afterwards elements cannot be pushed upward. If later on I add new Canvases, the new Canvas may have a possibility to go out of range, unless I instantiate a very large Array from the beginning.

Is there a better solution to that? Would ArrayList, or List or what else?

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This seems obvious but since you do not know in advance how many elements you have to store you should use a List<Canvas>, List<Label> etc. then you can use the methods list.Add() and list.Remove().

Don't use ArrayList, you want your data strongly typed and be able to add and remove items dynamically - so List<T> would fit the bill.

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