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SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2005

Hi all:

I get this error in visual studio 2008 server explorer when i click the aspnet db in MVC 1 application:

The database 'D:\Myproj\APP_DATA\ASPNETDB.MDF' cannot be opened because it is version 661. This server supports version 612 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported. Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'Sparrow-VAIO\Sparrow'.

Please suggest solution.

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looks like you need to install the 2008 R2 version of SQL (or Express). heres the link

EDIT: looks like the server explorer in VS 2008 isnt up to par with the databse file tha you have. is moving to VS 2010 is an option ? if not you can attach the database file to the R2 instance you have installed and access the database using a standard connection string.

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I have already installed SQL server R2 and given its name in Web.config –  DotnetSparrow Apr 3 '11 at 14:57
is it possible for you to use VS 2010 ? alternativly can you attach the database to the SQL insatnce and use a connection string like Server=MyServer;DataBase=DBName;Integrated Security=True instead of the direct file connection ? –  Menahem Apr 3 '11 at 15:07

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