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I would like to have a multiple sign '×' inside a link_to helper in my Rails 3 app.

Straightforward code <%= link_to '&times;', model, :confirm => 'Sure?', :method => :delete %> outputs &times;on my page. How to fix it?

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To prevent your string from being "made safe" by Rails' output buffer:

<%= link_to '&times;'.html_safe, model, :confirm => 'Sure?', :method => :delete %>


In my own pages, I encode everything as UTF-8, which means that I can use the real Unicode characters directly, rather than use the &...; code, but this probably isn't an option for you if you didn't start your project with that intent.

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Thanks this worked like a beauty for me. – ninja08 Mar 24 '14 at 1:52

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