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I am working on a custom drupal module that would change a node's node reference field value dynamically if a user clicks on an AJAX button.

In my callback function I could load the two nodes, A and B, where A has a node reference CCK field named 'foobar'.

How can I set edit and save this field? This is my attempt, but if I refresh the node, the field doesn't get updated.

$A_node = node_load($a_nid);
$B_node = node_load($b_nid);
$A_node->field_foobar[0]['nid'] = $b_nid;
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Save the node using the vid as mentioned here or you can also if it is a cache problem as mentioned here.

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hey jabal can you tell me what was the problem in your case? –  Gokul N K Apr 6 '11 at 5:40

To save CCK fields, you need to call more than one function to save the complete node.


Try this you might get all data inserted into database.

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