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I'm fairly new to the world of Linux, been using it for a while now mainly through virtual box as a development server. I recently acquired a machine I thought I could use as a server running ubuntu at home for various tasks.

I downloaded the latest version 10.10 which i failed to notice did not install properly using the usb flash drive installer. During the install process ubuntu kicked up about corrupt files etc whilst led me to power off the machine (I couldn't do anything else it seemed) I have then since downloaded the 10.4 LST version as i cant seem to get a non corrupt download of 10.10.

10.4 installs great and everything seems fine, however once the installation has finished and the restart command is sent the computer boots up (with the hard-drive I selected to install Ubuntu On) and nothing happens. There is just a white cursor blinking on a black screen, not grub loader or error messages....

Strangely if i leave the usb flash drive as the 1st boot priority ubuntu boots up. This lead me to think perhaps it was installing to the flash drive rather than the HDD. I have re-installed several times making sure i was selecting the HDD as the partion i wanted to install too and still no luck. I have had ubuntu desktop 10.10 running on this machine without issues so i dont think its a hardware thing. Im going out of my mind trying to get this to work!

Any help is greatly, Greatly appreciated!!

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we have a site for that. –  Will Apr 3 '11 at 21:51

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This probably belongs at Superuser, but what is most likely happening is that grub is being installed to your flash drive, you can correct this by invoking grub manually and installing it to the MBR of your first hard drive.

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Ok ill give that a try do you know of any documentation on this process? –  Mike Waites Apr 3 '11 at 17:49
Thats great ill give that a try now! thanks! –  Mike Waites Apr 3 '11 at 17:57

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