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I am learning how to extend Google chrome and I have run into the following problem:

I have the following manifest file:

    "name": "My First Extension",
    "version": "1.0",
    "description": "The first extension that I made.",
    "background_page": "background.html",
    "browser_action": {
        "default_icon": "icon.png", 
        "popup": "popup.html"
    "permissions": [

My background.html file just injects some simple JavaScript into the page:

    // Called when the user clicks on the browser action.
    chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(tab) {
        chrome.tabs.executeScript(null, {code:"alert(\"hi from background CODE\");"});

My popup.html file is just simple HTML:

    Sup Playa

The dialog box from background.html never gets displayed. popup.html functions as expected.

However when I comment out popup.html from the manifest file, the script in background.html works.

What am I doing wrong? Why aren't both the dialog box and the popup showing up?

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As it says in the docs:

onClicked event will not fire if the browser action has a popup.

So if you assign any html file to your popup "popup": "popup.html" (rather than just a button without body), onClicked event isn't fired.

You can just put your code right into popup.html (it has same privileges as a background page) if you want something to be executed each time it is opened:

chrome.tabs.executeScript(null, {code:"alert(\"hi from background CODE\");"});
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Thanks for the help. So basically you have to make a design decision about whether it makes sense to have the execution take place in popup.html or background.html, but you can't have it in both places. – Mitya Apr 3 '11 at 18:09
@Mitya You can execute in both places, just you can't listen to chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener as it won't fire if browser action has a popup. – serg Apr 3 '11 at 18:51

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