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New to REST Server but I think I've been through the related docs and comments yesterday and today to no avail.

I have Rest Server installed and on the "Services" admin page it is linked under "Servers" as "Rest - /services/rest". But the link returns "404 not found: could not find resource." The list of "Services" linked below all return good looking results, so I think the Services module is working well.

I've tried a variety of URLs in the browser with the same 404 result:

  • /services/rest/system.connect
  • /services/rest/system/connect
  • /services/rest?method=system.connect
  • etc.

I've also tried POST'ing to /services/rest with method variable and tried all these URLs, POSTing with an API key generated in the admin "Services" section. Nothing but 404.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

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I was inadvertantly using Services 2.0

If you're stuck: REST Server and JSON Server are working after installing Services 3 (requiring CTools, AutoLoad, InputStreamHelper modules).

I set up an endpoint with name/path = "rest" and I receive the expected JSON response when posting something to "/rest/system/connect.json".

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using services 2.x

Results in XML
POST /services/rest/service_system/connect
Content Type: text/xml

Results in JSON
POST /services/rest/service_system/connect.json

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