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I have 28 fields in a table and one option I would like to give a user is to search every entry across all its fields. So Instead of writing something like this:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE field1 LIKE testfield OR field2 LIKE testfield OR field3 LIKE testfield 
OR field4 LIKE testfield OR  ... etc

I would like to write something like this:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE * LIKE testfield;

This doesnt work so I wondering if there is another syntax or the feature doesnt exist?

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There's no portable support for this type of query in SQL. Your best bet is to create another string/varchar column and concat the other columns into a string and then search on that.

SQL Server does support a contains keyword:

SELECT Name, Color FROM Production.Product
WHERE CONTAINS((Name, Color), 'Red');

But, if you want to be portable, you're better off with the extra column.

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That would force a full table scan then. ] –  Layke Apr 3 '11 at 20:43

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