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Any pointers ? Suggestions ? Opinions ?

I am thinking here is a draft specification:

  1. Can run individual test methods
  2. Can run a single Test Class
  3. Rsult in XML
  4. Result in HTML
  5. Dry-run
  6. Calculate and display time taken by each test case, and overall time.
  7. Timeout for test cases
  8. TAP type test results
  9. Log Levels
  10. Create Skeleton test cases
  11. Coverage
  12. Be able to run on a remote host (maybe)
  13. Test Reports
  14. Command line Help (--help)

Now, where do i start ?

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Have you seen nose or py.test? Those projects implement a lot of the features that you describe. It might be easier to write an extension for one of those projects rather than starting from scratch.

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