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How can the price of an in-app billing item be retrieved before actually displaying the android market frontend for the in-app purchase? Currently it looks like the user only can find out the price for an in-app item in the purchase dialog and i would like to avoid to store the prices in the application for all supported currencies.

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It is possible now with Billing API v3. You can get information with getSkuDetails() method. Example is here.

ArrayList skuList = new ArrayList();
Bundle querySkus = new Bundle();
querySkus.putStringArrayList(“ITEM_ID_LIST”, skuList);

Bundle skuDetails = mService.getSkuDetails(3, getPackageName(), “inapp”, querySkus);

int response = skuDetails.getInt("RESPONSE_CODE");
if (response == 0) {
    ArrayList responseList = skuDetails.getStringArrayList("DETAILS_LIST");

    for (String thisResponse : responseList) {
        JSONObject object = new JSONObject(thisResponse);
        String sku = object.getString("productId");
        String price = object.getString("price");
        if (sku.equals(“premiumUpgrade”)) {
            mPremiumUpgradePrice = price;
        } else if (sku.equals(“gas”)) { 
            mGasPrice = price;
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Can I have an official confirm about this information? –  VitoShadow Dec 13 '11 at 15:30
@SergeyGlotov no no, it was a response to "Can I have an official confirm about this information?" for VitoShadow question, not to your answer which is 100% correct. Sorry for misunderstanding. –  EvilDuck Feb 8 '12 at 8:27

If you are using the Trivial Drive example and included IabHelper class you need to pass a list of skus to queryInventoryAsync.

    String[] moreSkus = {"SKU_ITEMONE", "SKU_ITEMTWO"};
    mHelper.queryInventoryAsync(true, Arrays.asList(moreSkus), mGotInventoryListener);
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Thank you! It helps a lot –  vincentp Nov 6 '14 at 7:29

String price = inventory.getSkuDetails("sku_of_your_product").getPrice();

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