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I am trying to associate a set of uploaded pictures with a post. In my controller I am using the following code:

image_uploads = params[:image_uploads]
iu = ImageUpload.find(image_uploads)
@post.image_uploads = iu

While this does make the uploaded images accessible from @post.image_uploads, I think it doesn't associate these images with the post because when the post is deleted, the image uploads are not deleted -- even though I have used :dependent=>:destroy for their relationships.

> Post.first.delete
> ImageUpload.all
=> [#<ImageUpload id: 3 ...>] 

And this is the model:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_many :image_uploads, :dependent => :destroy


class ImageUploads < ActiveRecord::Base
 belongs_to :post


What can I do to make sure that cascading deletes work?

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Try instead:


destroy invokes the callbacks defined, whereas delete deletes the record directly using SQL without creating an AR object.

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What you do seems correct to me. You have a post with image uploads dependent on the post and you should get them deleted when a post is deleted. I could be wrong but i do not see anything.

However, i see something that could cause heavy problems and it could also be the source of your problem(it's a source of many).

You have a model that ends with an S. Not a good idea. Do yourself a favor and change to ImageUpload please :)

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