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I need a php function to validate a string so it only can contains number and plus (+) sign at the front.


+632444747 will return true
632444747 will return true
632444747+ will return false
&632444747 will return false

How to achieve this using regex?


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Something like this

preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', $str);

Testing it

$strs = array('+632444747', '632444747', '632444747+', '&632444747');
foreach ($strs as $str) {
    if (preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', $str)) {
        print "$str is a phone number\n";
    } else {
        print "$str is not a phone number\n";


+632444747 is a phone number
632444747 is a phone number
632444747+ is not a phone number
&632444747 is not a phone number
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thanks work like a charm :) –  cyberfly Apr 4 '11 at 3:31
Mikel: it's like providing an answer to something that can be read off the manual. RTFM, I would say. –  Wayne Apr 4 '11 at 5:53

var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', '+123'));
var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', '123'));
var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', '123+'));
var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', '&123'));
var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', ' 123'));
var_dump(preg_match('/^\+?\d+$/', '+ 123'));


only the first 2 will be true (1). the other ones are all false (0).

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