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I wish to append or prepend some html to the page.

Rather than my function going:

var action = 'prepend'; // may be prepend or append
var htmlStr = '<strong>text example</strong>';
var obj = $('#wrapExample');

if(action == 'prepend'){





Can I somehow eval the 'action' variable e.g.

eval('$(obj).' + action + '(' + htmlStr + ')');
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3 Answers

Are you perhaps looking for


Saying someobject["something"] and someobject.something are equivalent in javascript.

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Of course! Sometimes the answer is oh so simple. Thank you. –  I am me Apr 4 '11 at 16:59
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Instead of eval you can use:


The following are equivalent:


Therefore, when you have something like:

var property = "foo";

You can do:


to programmatically access a property/method.

Also, since your obj variable is already a jQuery result, you can skip the additional $:

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I think it should be eval('$(obj).' + action + '(htmlStr);');

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