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What's the best way to implement a method that returns an autoreleased object? Does the following code work correctly?

@implementation MyClass

-(void) myclassWithSomeParameter:(SomeType) parameter
    return [[MyClass allocWithSomeParameter:parameter] autorelease];
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The return type must be MyClass *, you need to alloc the new instance, and it should be a class method rather than an instance method (otherwise you need an existing instance of MyClass).

+ (MyClass *)myClassWithSomeParameter:(SomeType)parameter {
  return [[[MyClass alloc] initWithSomeParameter:parameter] autorelease];

Then create instances like so:

MyClass *instance = [MyClass myClassWithSomeParameter:parameter];
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Haha, sorry, I don't know why defined the function as void. –  Eduardo León Apr 4 '11 at 3:55
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