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In my website, I have a node type called "Project".

Node type "Project" has a field called Project Author, which is a user reference.

Now, when I hit "reverse link" in the field settings, a link to all "Project" type pages that refer that particular user appears in the default "view" user page (ex: under "Related content"

This is the effect I want. The problem is that I'm using a custom made view as default landing user page.

So, my question is, how can I add the "Related content" block to a custom usertype View (in Views2), so that I can show a link to all project pages that refer that particular user?

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There's also a patch for CCK (6.x) which can achieve this in a single view.

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I found the answer using another module: Panels3! Here's how...


  1. I created a view of user type, using UserID ans argument.
  2. I filled the fields with the stuff i needed.
  3. Then I created another view but node type this time.
  4. In the arguments I used the field "Project Author", a user reference field type.
  5. I populated the fields with node title.


  1. Created a User profile template panel.
  2. I added the two views together


Hope this helps someone with the same problem as I.

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