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Hey i'm able to authenticate and authorize a user with the javascript API for google calendar. what i want to do next is subscribe that user to a public calendar. I was thinking i could just call the google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEntry constructor with the id of the calendar but that didn't work

var entry = google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEntry("idOfCalendar");

i also tried creating an instance of a entry id with google.gdata.atom.Id("idOfCalendar"); and adding that to the CalendarEntry constructor. Using the set methods didn't work either.

I use the InsertEntry method to add the entry but i get the following error

Error: Valid calendar id must be supplied for adding calendar to favorites list in allcalendars projection.

I can access the events of this calendar using google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventQuery()

The google api for javascript doesn't give a lot of examples anyone know the answer to my problem or a good resource for working with the google calendar api? do you think i should be using php or jason instead?

** Edit I found an example of what I want in the Java Api link so i tried

function addSubscriptionToCalendar() {
    var feedUri = "";
    var calendarEntry = new google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEntry();
    calendarService.insertEntry(feedUri, calendarEntry, function(){alert("calendar added")}, handleError);

but i got the same error

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You should be using owncalendars feed to modify/add calendar entry for the authenticated user not allcalendars.

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Sounds like your calendar id is invalid. The id from your second example appears to be URL encoded. Try using the decoded value:

nhl_21_Toronto Maple

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The gdata API for calendars has been switched off; the new way to do this is via:

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