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Here is a HTML markup

<tr><td><b>Effective Date</b></td><td colspan="2"><input class="datepicker " value="01/04/2011" ></td></tr>

(Unfortunately I have little control over the markup. So 'an INPUT in a TD in a TR' is a given)

In the javascript I do the standard


And it is the outcome

enter image description here

The datepicker somehow blocks half of the INPUT box.

Why it is the case? And what is a possible solution?

Same result in Chrome and FF4

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I've used date pickers inside table cells without any problem whatsoever. Did you tweak the UI's CSS? –  Salman A Apr 4 '11 at 6:00
use firebug and see the css for both datepicker and input –  diEcho Apr 4 '11 at 6:01

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Use Firebug, inspect the elements, figure out why exactly is it showing the way it is (hint: it's because of CSS :). Then use jQuery's .css function to change the CSS.

You can use multiple rules at once, like this:

    "margin-top": "10px",
    "width": "auto"
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set the inline style for input something like

<input class="datepicker " value="01/04/2011" style "position:relative;top:10px;" >

note: Better see in firebug and adjust the class, this is just minor style issue..

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