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Is there any way to add voice recognition feature to mono application. There are a System.Speech (in .net) and Microsoft.Speech (in MS Speech Platform) namespaces, but I can't find any in Mono. So how is it possible to add speech recognition functionality in Mono?

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Looking at this link: Mono System.Speech

It seems as though System.Speech.Recognition is now supported. Are you pulling a recent (3.0+) tarball and building your own Mono runtime?

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I can't see any native C# engines. There is a Java engine called Sphinx-4 that you could probably either call directly or via IKVM.NET. Alternatively you could use a web service, I found iSpeech. Also there could be something interesting re HTML5 and Chrome in this SO question. No personal experience in any of these I am afraid (except for IKVM.NET).

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There actually is one native C# speech recognition Engine and it's called Syn.Speech. To reference it in Visual Studio Project just Launch the Package Manager Console and type

PM> Install-Package Syn.Speech

I couldn't find any comprehensive tutorial on it but heres the Wiki Link

Moreover theres this demo application

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