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Can you please let me know how do I resolve this problem while inserting xml data into Sql Server 2008

ex = {"String or binary data would be truncated.\r\nThe statement has been terminated."}

I already replaced ', "" with an empty string

thanks in Advance

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Please check the datetype of the column. Make sure it has enough space.

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Check the Database Column Size and Data length. you will get this error when you are storing data of length greater than that of defined size.

    Ex. string Data = "saving this data causes error.";
    int datalength = Data.Length;  // will be 30 characters , greater than defined size

    Customer.Name = Data;
    //you will get error for this line if you have Name (varchar 25, null) in db      .
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If you're using a subquery change the = between the sub query and main query to in.

It may be that you have more than one field for each record of the main query.

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