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i am using a jquery grid in asp.net and c# ? is it possible for me to bind a sql table in to a jquery grid. if so let me go through the code!

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You can't bind sql statement to it.

You know, javascript is running at client side but binding at server side. But a jQuery plugin named datatables(http://www.datatables.net/) used for showing data.

That plugin using its own data structure so you need make your table's data to fit it. I think write your own data table version is faster than using datatables.

Gook luck

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Check this
And this
Here's another one

The first one is very detail in which jquery grids plugins are out there. From there you can google like crazy and find a couple of interesting asp.net implementations. Not very clear (i'm in that process too) but they can help you a little bit.
The other too are more focus to your question.
Hope we find what we are looking for.

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