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I have,

Hypertable_ThriftGen_HqlResult Object
  [results] => 
   [cells] => Array
       [0] => Hypertable_ThriftGen_Cell Object
                   [key] => Hypertable_ThriftGen_Key Object
                       [row] =>
                            [column_family] => domain_name
                           [column_qualifier] => 
                         [timestamp] => 1.30189374164E+18
                         [revision] => 1.30189374164E+18
                           [flag] => 255
 [value] =>

How can I retrieve each individual values??

It seems like a json decoded array, not sure though.

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You have an object and you can iterate over it like you iterate over array

foreach($yourobject->cells as $rows){
    foreach($rows as $row){
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