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I have a subclass with a discriminator, can i have another discriminator in a subclass
I'll try to explain
One discriminator is in Person Table may be type and i have two subclasses Student and teacher, in a student subclass i have different subclasses of student based on a different column in student record.
Now i am using joined subclass with discriminator but i'm not be able to discriminate in a subclass

!------ Person
!--------------------Student type A
!--------------------Student type B
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As in the documentation: "Hibernate does not support mixing <subclass>, and <joined-subclass> and <union-subclass> mappings under the same root <class> element" this I think is a troubkle for you, maybe you can break the joined subclass and use a instaead ? BTW nh is growing faster, sometimes faster than the doc, but I think this still apply to NH 3.1.0

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