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For example if i have an implementation of my own helper and i don't like the default WebGrid pager, how may i replace it?

Is it possible to Replace MvcGrid Pager to change it to my custom one?

I did search and didn't find any thing, only what i think i need to do is to render my one and append it to current WebGrid table as a table footer using jQuery.

Is there any another more simple way of doing this?

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You can disable the pager by setting the mode to numeric and setting numericLinksCount to zero. Ex:

<div id="gridSample">
    @( var grid = new WebGrid(rowsPerPage: Model.GridRowsPerPage);
       grid.Bind(source: Model.ListData, 
                 rowCount: Model.TotalRowCount, 
                 autoSortAndPage: false)
    @grid.GetHtml(mode: WebGridPagerModes.Numeric, numericLinksCount: 0)

    <!--...custom paging here...-->

Then you're free to render your own paging links using a combination of rows per page and total row count. (Each link should pass the "page" parameter) Easy once you disable the built-in pager... hope that helps.

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You can change the Pager Mode on the WebGrid see WebGridPagerModes

Other than this you can style the pager with CSS.

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I know about pager modes but it is still not what i want. –  Jop Apr 4 '11 at 23:14
There is no property of function to replace the html generated for the pager. You need to do some sort of hack ( jQuery etc ) to replace it. Is that what you want an example of? –  Filip Ekberg Apr 5 '11 at 9:29

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