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I have been asked to write a script to change the name of a 3rd party tab on all Outlook 2010 users' ribbons.

The manual process would be to go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Select the Main tab on the right and choose rename.

I need to script this process, preferably with vbscript. I understand that I cannot change the ribbon using the outlook.application class but I also understand the ribbon is at heart just an XML file. I'd be happy to programmatically alter the XML file.

My questions are:

Is there a simpler method?

If not, how do I find the ribbon xml file?

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Finally found out how to do this - it turns out that when the ribbon tab is customised manually it creates a file in AppData\Local/Roaming\Microsoft\Office called xxx.officeUI where xxx can be one of many different filenames. For customising the main ribbon in Outlook it is called olkexplorer.officeUI.

So all I had to do was find this customisation file and create an AD log in script that copies it into the correct folder depending on whether the user has a roaming or local profile...

For more info... check this page out

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