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I am doing database Application in .NET. My application reads data from SQL Server with LINQ. Then I save my data in DataSet(in tables). When user do something in application the data is saved in DataSet(in tables). After some transactions user can save data in Database(The data send from dataset to database).BUt there is a problem:

For example I have 2 tables in dataset which is read from database: Bank Account And IncomeTransactions.

  • BankAccount saves all my bank accounts.
  • Incometransaction is for saving my incomes to my Accounts
    • that is why I have a foreign key in IncomeTransaction table(IDACCOUNT)).

Then I add a new account to my Account Table(not database). After that I add a new incometransaction to my IncomeTransaction table. The added incometransaction's IDACCOUNT is the new Account's ID.

All to this step is OK. But after when i want to save my data in tables to database with LINQ there is a problem occured. How can I solve this problem.

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_Income_Accounts". The conflict occurred in database "HouseBudget", table "dbo.Accounts", column 'IDAccount'. The statement has been terminated.

P.S. I use MS Visual Studio 2010. Thank you for your Attention.

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add data for column IDAccount in table dbo.Accounts along with changes that you do when creating new account. (The added incometransaction's IDACCOUNT is the new Account's ID.)

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But I want to use save button for all modification to my Dataset tables –  Tabriz Atayi Apr 4 '11 at 8:47

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