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Is there any way to install PHP:s PECL handler on Mac OS X 10.6, to be used with the bundled PHP?

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Better late than never, but if you are like me and installed PHP directly from php.net (instead of using something like Homebrew or Port, then you can simply follow the following link to install Pear and PECL:


We need PEAR! For some reason, it's not set up ready to on Lion, but the install phar file is here, so we just need to run it.

cd /usr/lib/php
sudo php install-pear-nozlib.phar

/etc/php.ini and find the line: ;
  include_path = ".:/php/includes" 
and change it to:
  include_path = ".:/usr/lib/php/pear"
sudo pear channel-update pear.php.net
sudo pecl channel-update pecl.php.net
sudo pear upgrade-all

It worked fine for me.

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I would say that editing php.ini is not necessary, because default include_path value seems to be already pointing to PEAR directories. –  elitalon Sep 11 '12 at 17:29
Extremely helpful, thank you! –  KamilS Mar 7 '13 at 16:04
if you have mavericks please follow the following tutorial akrabat.com/computing/setting-up-php-mysql-on-os-x-mavericks –  abc123 Mar 7 '14 at 6:52

I just followed the instructions from the PEAR people. http://pear.php.net/manual/en/installation.getting.php

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He was talking about PECL, not PEAR. –  Radek Simko Feb 26 '12 at 10:45

I solved it using this package: http://php-osx.liip.ch/

Easy installation and all the extensions I needed.

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Why oh why would you do that? He wants you to run "curl -s php-osx.liip.ch/install.sh | bash -". Why not simply run the actual installer provided by PHP?! –  andsens Aug 23 '11 at 17:56
Simply because you get a nice setup with all the extensions and the respective config split into several ini-files (easier to toggle them on or off and so on). For a development machine you don't always have to do it the "hardcore way" if the "lazy way" saves you time ;) –  Manne W Aug 25 '11 at 9:01
And this was not chosen to only install the PECL, but also other modules and extensions that might come handy during development. –  Manne W Aug 25 '11 at 9:02

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