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Hey guy's I have a SOAP call that returns something like this:

 <?xml version="1.0"
     encoding="utf-8"?><item> <dailystats>
     <clicks>1</clicks> <leads>1</leads>
     <num_sales>0</num_sales> <sales>
     0.00</sales> <sub_sales> 0.00</sub_sales> <commission> 1.10</commission> click_thru_ratio>5.88%</click_thru_ratio>
     </dailystats> </item>

Now I want to make a script that posts this in a readable format. For example I want it to look like this:

Clicks: ( then here it searches in the code above for the ammount of clicks and posts them here ).

Is this possible and could anyone help me out?

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You can display your XML document with xslt

See :

Always think template when you want to display data, and xslt is a perfect template engine.

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