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My custom TranslateAnimation does move a view vertically. It is fine besides a strange short flickering in the beginning. It seems that it is only one visible frame were the view flashes at a unexpected position (much higher then the animation should start). Note: That flickering doesn't happen when i call super(0,0,0,0) but then there is no animation :/

Here is a short version of my code:

public class ExTranslateAnimation extends TranslateAnimation implements AnimationListener
    private View myView;
    public ExTranslateAnimation (...)
        // delta is how much it gets moved
        super(0, 0, -delta, 0);
        toY =  view.getTop() + delta;
        myView = view;

    public void onAnimationEnd(Animation animation)

    public void onAnimationRepeat(Animation animation)

    public void onAnimationStart(Animation animation)

        LayoutParams lp = (LayoutParams) myView.getLayoutParams();
        lp.leftMargin = toX;
        lp.topMargin = toY;
        myView.layout(toX, toY, 0, 0);      
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Is it happening on emulator or device.. because i faced the same issue once but it was only in case of device. On emulator it was working fine.

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Yes I'm facing that issue on the device. I probably don't need to try it in the emulator as it will not have enough power to handle a lot of animations. How did you solve that problem? –  ShadowMare Apr 4 '11 at 11:38
It will not happen on emulator.... It is the memory issue. In my case i reduced the amount of memory getting used. –  Angel Apr 4 '11 at 12:40
hmm I gonna have a look where I can improve my memory consumption but it shouldn't be that high anyway. –  ShadowMare Apr 4 '11 at 19:37

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