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When I use

>> load disney;
>> hcndl = candle(dis('3/31/98::4/30/98'))

hcndl =


How can I use this handle to change the background color of the chart.


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I think you're looking for the set function. Set function accepts the handle of the figure and allows you to change the properties of the figure.

handle  = candle(dis('3/31/98::4/30/98'));
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I get this result???? Error using ==> set There is no 'BackgroundColor' property in the 'lineseries' class. –  user417896 Apr 4 '11 at 22:38
I'm sorry then. You probably has to ask for the parent handle as Jonas suggests. I didn't realize it returns the handle to lineseries. –  Polda Apr 5 '11 at 6:17

You want to modify the color of the axes. candle gives you handles to lines, whose parent are the axes you'd like to modify.

load disney;
hcndl = candle(dis('3/31/98::4/30/98'));

%# find handle to axes using the first of the three handles
%# note that you could have used any of the three
axH = get(hcndl(1),'Parent');

%# modify axes
set(axH,'Color','k') %# black color
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