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I have a problem playing audio files. when i entered two words like 'hi tom', only last word is playing. But in my log cat it seems to pass first word song. is my code wrong ? or is there any solution to here first song and then here second song? any solution is ok for me for example it can be lag between these songs. thanks. i saw musicdroid code also about nextsong. but i am new to android and i couldnt integrate my code.musicdroid

public  void function (String[][] word)

for (int j=0;j<word.length;j++)
    for(int i=0;i<word[j].length;i++)

catch(Exception e)

here its my log cat. it seems to take first voice but not play.

04-04 09:58:18.934: INFO/System.out(363):word:hi

04-04 09:58:18.944: INFO/StagefrightPlayer(34): setDataSource('/sdcard/voice/hi.ogg')

04-04 09:58:19.024: DEBUG/AudioSink(34): bufferCount (4) is too small and increased to 12

04-04 09:58:19.024: INFO/System.out(363): hi-

04-04 09:58:19.024: INFO/System.out(363): word:tom
04-04 09:58:19.034: INFO/StagefrightPlayer(34): setDataSource('/sdcard/voice/tom.ogg')

04-04 09:58:19.114: DEBUG/AudioSink(34): bufferCount (4) is too small and increased to 12

04-04 09:58:19.124: INFO/System.out(363): tom-

04-04 09:58:19.124: INFO/System.out(363): end
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You don't wait for the first sound to finish before you play the next one. Try adding a listener to the mediaplayer, and play the second word after the first one finishes.

Check out the setOnCompletionListener.

Also read the docs here:

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Thank you for your answering. In listener, will i put extra any code like mediaPlayer.release(); or just leave it ? – wseries Apr 4 '11 at 18:15

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