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Hey. I am assigned to do Stack using double-linked list and I faced a problem. I can't link to previous element (while I had no problems using one link).

class Node
    Data data;
    Node previous;
    Node next;

class Data
    int     size;
    double  price;
    boolean isOnOffer;
    char    sex;
    String  brand;

    Data(int size, double price, boolean isOnOffer, char sex, String brand){
        this.size       = size;
        this.price      = price;
        this.isOnOffer  = isOnOffer;        = sex;
        this.brand      = brand;

class Stack
    private static int sizeOfStack;
    private static Node topElement;

    public static boolean isEmpty() { return topElement == null; }

    public static void Initialize() {
        sizeOfStack = 0; 
        topElement = null; 

    public static void Push(Data x) {

        Node oldElement = topElement;
        topElement = new Node(); = x; = oldElement;
        topElement.previous = null;
        //oldElement.previous = topElement; // <----- problem here


    public static void Pop() {
        if (!isEmpty()){
            topElement =;   // delete first node

    public static void Top() {
        int size = ;
        double price =;
        boolean isOnOffer =;
        char sex = ;
        String brand =;
        System.out.println(size + " " + price + " " + isOnOffer + " " + sex + " " + brand);

    public static void Kill() { }
    public static void Print() { }

    public static void main(String[] args){

        Push(new Data(37, 155, false, 'F', "Nike"));
        Push(new Data(38, 140, true, 'F', "Reebok"));
        Push(new Data(35, 160.99, false, 'F', "Converse"));
        Push(new Data(35, 20.99, true, 'F', "Inkaras"));


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it sound a bit like homework. If it is homework tag it. Otherwise: why are you implementing linked list by hand in java? Use ArrayList instead. – Heisenbug Apr 4 '11 at 10:51
I'd say null reference exception... – forsvarir Apr 4 '11 at 10:59
THere is no way of retrieving the top element. pop() should return the Data. – Manoj Apr 4 '11 at 10:59
@Manoj: presumably they're just using top to print stuff at the moment – forsvarir Apr 4 '11 at 11:01
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//oldElement.previous = topElement; // <----- problem here

As already pointed out: if oldElement is null, you'd get a NullPointerException. Check for null before, like if(oldElement != null) { oldElement.previous = topElement; }.

Also note that the Top() method won't work for an empty stack, it would throw an NPE in the first line

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Look at the different cases:

{Stack} //Top of stack is the leftmost node


Case: #1 "empty stack case"




Case: #2 "normal case"





[Node1(null|null)] -> [Node1(null|Node2)]

Looking at Case: #3 we see that it is similar to case #2, no need to implement





[Node2(Node1|null)] -> [Node2(Node1|Node3)]
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